Thursday, September 5, 2013

Through app, consumers connect with local fashion boutiques based on social interests

The fashion industry and social networks are just as dynamic as each other, which is perhaps why they lend themselves well to each other in a retail scenario, something that Material Wrld has already picked up on. Now the walkby app enables users to ‘follow’ new trends or products in order to receive notifications when local boutique stores have stock that matches their interests. Currently focusing on Chicago – where the team has partnered with a number of boutique fashion retailers – users start by registering a profile and search for their favorite stores, brands or apparel items. They can then choose to ‘follow’ their chosen search terms if they’re interested in finding matching products on sale nearby. Partner stores are alerted to the interest and can let users know if they have corresponding items. If they do, the products – along with details and photos – appear in a Facebook-style news feed for consumers to browse. If they like what they see, they can order items for delivery in the app, or make a reservation to visit the store.

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